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Post  Pivetor on Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:22 am

1. No one word posting (one word posts will be down repped, then removed. Three total will lower your warning level)
2. Do not get off topic (you will be warned, then lower your warning level)
3. No pornography (any porn of any type will result in a perm IP ban. NO WARNINGS)
4. No uploading pointless, random videos
5. No Staff impersonation (any account with a name similar to a staff will be removed, and changed and an email will be sent saying your new user-name)
6. No hard-core name calling, and foul language (No calling some one inappropriate names, and do not over use cuss-words, every now and again is ok)
7. No raging (do not throw a tantrum)
8. No inappropriate User-Names (Names will be changed to default and an email will be sent to you stating your new user-name)

Rules are in-titled to change at any point, so it is YOUR responsibility to check up on them on a daily basses.

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